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Sophora microphylla Poriri Valley

Sophora microphylla Poriri Valley grafted


Sophora molleyi Haulashore Island

Kowhai Fine foliage and masses of gol...


Sophora molloyi CP1

Cook Strait Kowhai A spectacular display of yello...


Sophora molloyi Dragons Gold

Cook Strait Kowhai Yellow flowers on a small,bush...


Sophora molloyi Early Gold

Early Dwarf Kowhai Early yellow flowers on a comp...


Sophora molloyi My Margaret

N-C3/05 An abundant display of yellow ...


Sophora molloyi Waikanae Weeping

Weeping Cook Straight Kowhai An ideal plant for ground cove...


Sophora Ngawi Prostrata

Sophora Ngawi Prostrata Lovely deep green folliage on ...


Sophora Otama Kapua [Porari Valley]

Sophora Otama Kapua [Porari Valley] Collected from the wild.


Sophora prostrata Canterbury Standard

Sophora prostrata Canterbury Standard Lovely golden twiggy form from...


Sophora Quick Silver

Silver Kowhai Hybrid Kowhai with handsome gr...


Sophora Seddon

S. microphylla x prostrata This natural hybrid forms a sm...


Sophora Taupo Gold

Golden Taupo Kowhai Lovely weeping form,with golde...


Sophora tetraptera

North Island Kowhai A large shrub or small tree wi...


Sophora tetraptera grandiflora

Kowhai Native. Drooping branches of f...


Sophora tetraptera upright form

Column Kowhai The largest of the Kowhais, fo...