Growing Menconopsis

Posted by Rebecca Hughes on 11 December 2018

This is one of the very few true-blue flowering plants, rivalling the Gentian and Delphinium.

This herbaceous perennial grows to about a metre high and flowers through late spring to early summer.

They associate well with Rhododendrons, Maples, Hostas, Primulas, and Bergenias, as they all like the same woodland conditions, and their foliage contrasts nicely with each other.

For best results plant in a fertile, free draining, acid soil in a position protected from the hot sun. During warm weather (especially over the summer) water them well to keep them moist and cool. Give fertilizer as required, Osmocote or Blood and Bone. Lack of attention to these details may make these plants monocarpic.

Every third year dig in the early spring before growth commences, divide and replant in a newly prepared bed of good organic soil. With us, pest and disease problems are conspicuous by their absence.

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