Clematis Leprechaun

Posted by Chris Hughes on 14 December 0018

This is a newer female hybrid New Zealand native Clematis. Clematis petriei x Clematis marmoraria. From the parent Clematis petriei it has inherited the smaller green flowers, while Clematis marmoraria has given the nice parsley styled foliage. The rambling vine is not over vigorous, making it ideal where a modest evergreen cover is desired. The leaf stalk (petiole) is not self-clinging so it is easier to train and control the shape and spread. Being female, the abundant dainty soft green flowers in early November are followed by a silky display of seed heads. These are an attraction for many weeks. The flowering commences quite late for a New Zealand Clematis, usually beginning in November. The best soil for this Clematis will be cool and moist, well drained and reasonably fertile.

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