Cornus Greenvale

Posted by Chris Hughes on 14 December 0018

This is a vigorous upright form of the famous Dogwood tree. The large creamy white flowers cover the plant in early summer lasting for as long as 8 weeks. Last year our plants still had some flowers on them the week before Christmas. Raised in Greenvale by Mrs L Patterson. Cornus Greenvale is an evergreen but with some bronze autumn colour giving it interest through all the seasons. Cornus greenvale is a cross between evergreen C. capitata and deciduous C. kousa chinensis resulting in a semi-evergreen plants. Being semi-evergreen greenvale makes a good screening tree for a town garden or specimen tree growing to 4m high. In our trials of hardy dogwoods this tree has outperformed all others every year both in flowering and growth. We highly recommend Greenvale in a sheltered site.

Cornus Greenvale Dogwood 400W

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