Phormium Dark Delight

Posted by Chris Hughes on 14 December 0018

Arguably the darkest coloured New Zealand Flax that holds it colour well into old age, Harakeke (Dark Delight Flax). Recognized as one of the best flaxes, these have not been readily available owing to its slow dividing rate. Modern propagation methods have solved this difficulty and this plant is now enjoying greater popularity. Phormium delight makes an excellent container plant and may be used for shelter, making use of its tolerance to open exposed sites. Mature leaves are upright, giving a modern spiky look, growing to 1-1.5 m in height. As the plants heritage is akin to the swampy Flax, Phormium is suitable for planting in damp sites. When reaching maturity, flowers are red and very popular with native nectar eating birds such as Tuis, Bellbirds and Waxeyes. Flowers and claddies (the sticks that are left after the flowers appear) are also popular in floral art.

Phormium Dark Delight 400W

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