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Blue Mountain Nurseries are holding their SALE once again from Thursday 22nd March until Saturday 28th April, here at 99 Bushy Hill Street, Tapanui.


We have a massive selection of plants, from plants for the garden, to selections for farms. Autumn is a great time to plant so don’t miss out- come in and get some advice and gorgeous plants from the people who grow plants best suited to our area. We know plants because we grow plants.


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Blue Mountain Nurseries are a wholesale and retail nursery based in Tapanui, West Otago New Zealand. With a passion for plants since 1932, the nursery produces over 7,000 varieties of plants and specializes in the propagation and growing on of hardy trees and shrubs, rhododendrons, azaleas, conifers, climbers, natives, perennials and pleione orchids. Our plants sell to nurseries, parks, landscapers, garden centres and gardeners throughout New Zealand.

Normal Hours

Monday 26th of March - Anniversaey day - Open 9am-5pm

Monday to Saturday – Open 9am-5pm 

Sunday – Closed


Easter Hours

Good Friday - Closed

Saturday - Open

Sunday - Closed

Monday - Open

Tuesday - Open

You can shop online 24/7.


Email us at or phone us on 03-2048-250


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