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Apple Braeburn

Apple Mid season dessert apple that ...


Apple Cox's Orange

Eating Apple Good proven Central Otago eati...


Apple Granny Smith

Apple Apple crisp and juicy with goo...


Apple Peasgood Nunsuch

PIE APPLE Good proven cooking apple. Mod...


Apple Royal Gala

Apple Early eating Apple crisp and j...


Cherry Bing

Fruiting Cherry Firm red, sweet fruits in autu...


Corylus Tonda di Giffoni

Hazelnut Early to ripen and precocious ...


Fragaria x ananassa

strawberry Common garden strawberry


Juglans Meyric

Walnut ( Grown from seed ) Smooth shell with good bright ...


Malus Ballerina

Flowering Apple Red buds open to bright pink f...


Malus Kentish Fillbasket

Malus Kentish Fillbasket Large Old English type


Malus Montys Surprise

Malus Montys Surprise Very large cooking apple, one ...


Malus Pats Cooking

Malus Pats Cooking Very old tree great cooking ap...


Malus Red Delicious

Malus Red Delicious


Morus nigra

Black Mulberry A bushy small tree for a sunny...


Myrtus Ugni

Chilean Guava A slow growing small sized bus...