Snowdrop Catalogue

Pleione Catalogue

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Galanthus nivalis Flore Pleno

Double English Snowdrop Double white flowers in winter...


Galanthus plicatus Plenus

Snowdrop Double white flowers in winter...


Pleione Alishan Pat's Choice

(P. Versailles x P. formosana) Pat chose this nice form for i...


Pleione f. Pukekura Surprise

Pleione f. Pukekura Surprise Very large flowers of soft lav...


Pleione formosana Elms

Pleione formosana Elms Large flowers of soft lavender...


Pleione formosana Paul Every

Pleione formosana Paul Every A lilac flowered form


Pleione formosana Polar Sun

Pleione formosana Polar Sun The dainty flowers are a glowi...


Pleione formosana Serenity

Pleione formosana Serenity Flowers pale rose, lip white m...


Pleione Fuego (UK1998)

Pleione Fuego (UK1998)


Pleione Hekla

(P. speciosa x P. humilis) Early, dainty, short stemmed f...


Pleione Irazu Mallard

P. Etna x P. Shantung) This has a very large flower o...


Pleione Piton

P. FORMOSANA X P. YUNNANENSIS Soft lavender flowers with pur...


Pleione Rakata Nuthatch

(P.speciosa x P. Shuntung) An outstanding form with large...


Pleione Rakata Shot Silk

(P. speciosa x P. Shantung) Unique colours of deep salmon ...


Pleione S. Apricot Brandy

P. formosana x P. confusa) Yellow flowers with a pink ove...


Pleione S. Muriel Harberd

(P. formosana x P. confusa) Good clear yellow flowers with...