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Robinia pseudoacacia Lace Lady

Twisty Baby Neat unique twist and contorte...


Salix alba Bannockburn

Salix alba Bannockburn Golden red form from Central O...


Salix alba vitillana Black

Salix alba vitillana Black Dark black stems Ht 5.


Salix alba vitillana Gold

Salix alba vitillana Gold Golden stems. Ht 5m


Salix alba vitillana Red

Salix alba vitillana Red Red stems Ht 5m


Salix alba vitillana Yellow

Salix alba vitillana Yellow Yellow stems Ht 5m


Salix caprea Kilmarnock

Kilmarnock Willow Small umbrella like tree with ...


Salix deltoides Columnare

Willow Easy to grow upright column tr...


Salix gracilistya Melanostachys

Black Pussy Willow An attractive Japanese shrub w...


Salix repens Argentea

MOONLIGHT WILLOW Attractive weeping shrub with ...


Salix tortured Black

Salix tortured Black


Salix tortured Coral



Salix x sepulcralis Chrysocoma

Golden Weeping Willow Wide spreading tree with yello...


Sorbus Apricot Sunset

Sorbus Apricot Sunset A Blue Mountain selection. Fi...


Sorbus aronioides

Chokeberry leaved whitrebeam Red fruits on a broadly coumna...


Sorbus aucuparia Chinese Lace

ROWAN Upright small tree with lace l...