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Corylus Tonda di Giffoni

Hazelnut Early to ripen and precocious ...


Currant Gloria da Versailles

RED CURRANT Red Currant. Early large sweet...


Feijoa Apollo tasty treat

Feijoa Apollo tasty treat A vigorous partially self fert...


Fig Brown Turkey

Fig Brown Turkey Sweet delicious fruit w/rusty ...


Fig omapere

Fig omapere Medium sized fruit with green ...


Fragaria x ananassa

strawberry Common garden strawberry


Gooseberry Invicta

Goosberry A new large fruited Gooseberry...



Karakaberry Also known as the Boysenberry


Malus Ballarat

Malus Ballarat A heritage apple dating back t...


Malus Ballerina

Flowering Apple Red buds open to bright pink f...


Malus Kentish Fillbasket

Malus Kentish Fillbasket Orange pippin cv. Old english ...


Malus Montys Surprise

Malus Montys Surprise Very large cooking apple, one ...


Malus Pats Cooking

Malus Pats Cooking An old heritage, large pie app...


Morus nigra

Black Mulberry A bushy small tree for a sunny...


Myrtus Ugni

Chilean Guava A slow growing small sized bus...


Nectarine Snow Queen

Nectarine Snow Queen Delicious creamy-white firm fl...