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Carex comans X Rainbow

Rainbow sedge A hybrid of Frosted curls with...


Carmichaelia hybrid

Carmichaelia hybrid Grey green stems and no leaves...


Carmichaelia monroi

Carmichaelia monroi This form found at Matatoke


Celmicia spectabilis

NZ. Mountain Daisy A handsome silver rosette of f...


Clianthus puniceus Maximus

Kaka Beak A native shrub for a sunny war...


Coprosma Black Cloud

Coprosma Black Cloud A compact native evergreen for...


Coprosma brunnea - Female

Coprosma brunnea - Female Brown stemmed coprosma. Sprawl...


Coprosma Cattle Flat

Coprosma Cattle Flat A hardy native for the front o...


Coprosma Clearwater Gold

Coprosma rugosa Selection Upright growing hardy native f...


Coprosma Copperfield

Coprosma Copperfield Copper to bronze foliage all y...


Coprosma Flat Fred

Coprosma Flat Fred Spreading native plant with at...


Coprosma Golden Spire



Coprosma Painter's Pallet

Coprosma Painter's Pallet Glossy leaves with splashes of...


Coprosma propinqua

BLUE MOUNTAIN COPROSMA A very hardy native from the B...


Coprosma rugosa

Coprosma rugosa Flat topped standardized nativ...


Coprosma rugosa Lobster

Coprosma rugosa Lobster A hardy native with red stems ...