What's In Season

These are our recommended plants this month

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Acer palmatum

Japanese Maple A round headed small tree. Exc...


Agapanthus Val

Agapanthus Val Dense heads of deep blue flowe...


Alchemilla erythropoda

dwarf lady's mantle A yellow flowering perennial n...


Alchemilla mollis

Lady's Mantle Greenish yellow flowers in sum...


Astelia chathamica

Chatham Island Astelia Silver green leaves with a met...


Aster x frikartii

Aster x frikartii Bushy perennial with blue dais...


Austroderia richardii (Cortaderia richardii)

Kakaho - Toe Toe Feather-like flowers November ...


Azalea Pavlova

Blue Mountain Double Azalea Scented double white flowers o...