What's In Season

These are our recommended plants this month

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Sambucus nigra Black Beauty

Sambucus nigra Black Beauty large upright shrub with very ...


Soleirolia soleirolii (Syn Helxine)

Baby's Tears Masses of tiny green leaves co...


Soleirolia soleirolii Silver

Babys Tears A silver form of Soleirolia - ...


Sophora microphylla Clyde No.1

Sophora microphylla Clyde No.1 A small upright arching tree. ...


Sophora tetraptera

North Island Kowhai A large shrub or small tree wi...


Syringa vulgaris Pat's Lilac

Syringa vulgaris Pat's Lilac Single Lilac flowers on large ...


Syringa x chinensis

Rouen Lilac A medium-sized shrub of dense ...